Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thrifty Finds and Shopping with Mom

So my mother and I went out thrifting on Monday. We stopped at two different thrift stores and Christmas Tree Shop. Our first stop was a church thrift store in Fryeburg Maine. It mainly has clothing so my pregnant butt didn't find too much. But I did find this brand new shirt with the tags still on it for $3.00 an X-large (which if this is really an x-large i'd love to see their small) fit my pregnant bump well. Plus I lovveee lilac.

The second store we went to was the doggy thrift store in Bridgton Maine. I found two items (sorry no pictures my mom took off with my loot so I'll have to get back to you on that one when I collect it.) I found a Coach (yes a real coach) baby changing pad that had come out of a Coach Diaper bag (would love to see where that baby ended up) it was brown and looked like it had never been worn plus im a huge sucker for Coach $2.00. I also bought a book on how to sell on ebay, I hoped it would up my sales $.50

My last find was at Christmas Tree Shop and was the cheapest of the day. I found a strand of lights with little wicker balls on them. I had originally been given a hit on these babies by a friend of mine and I loved them so I bought them at full price ($5.99) well this strand was on clearence for $.10 yep folks $.10. Well you get what you paid only half the lights worked. So I decided to take them off the lights and put them in a bowl until I can find a small strand of lights

Im off to put my feet up first day of school killed my pregnant feeties :)

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  1. Sorry I took off with your stuff but I sent you a good website instead that has lots of ebay stuff. And have you noticed 22 friends in the house oh yea.