Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Weekend's Dump Finds

Im partying over at Southern Hospitality today!

So with the ripping out of all the new carpet my hubby has made several trips to the dump, and of course he needs company!

This is what I found Sunday.

Okay before you get all excited. The diaper genie was in great shape no marks, no stains no smells, and it had all of its 'booklets. I took it home and soaked it in the tub with some bleach and antibacterial soap and steaming hot water for 2 hours. That alone I saved myself at least $25.00 (if you dont know what a diaper genie is it is a fancy trash can for baby diapers that twists the garbage bags in a way that the diapers dont smell. I loved the huge glass vase and have a smaller one similar to it. im going to fill it with god only knows what and put it in my living room :)


  1. That's a great find! Good for you for diving at the dump.

  2. I love your glass vase!!!

    Take care!