Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gliders and Runners

Okay so I may be the worst blogger ever! Sorry it takes me so long to post, things at the Danforth house are completely crazy but after Saturday I promise they will calm down and I can start posting regularly again! My thrift finds last weekend were amazing.

I got this glider and footstool for $25.00 it is in great condition and came with all the cushions in a microsuede off white color. I took off all the covers and washed it up it looks great! Pictures with covers and cushions to come! I considered giving it to one of my pregnant girlfriends cause these babies are expensive but was selfish and decided to keep it for myself. I wanted it so bad at the yardsale I sat in it while my husband went and found the lady running the sale, I had to fend off two people for it. Must be quite the steal!

The scrabble game was .10 and has all the pieces. The electric blanket was brand new and $5.00. My hubby is very conservative and likes to keep the heat at 65 in the winter so these blankets get me through the winter. An electronic suduko game for my dad for xmas.

How cute is this sign it was also .50 if I ever get a laundry it will look adorable on the door, for now it hangs above my dryer.

This has to be my favorite find! It is an april cornell runner. It came from the same yardsale as the glider. Dont you just love the print!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daffodils and Dump Finds

So as promised here are pictures of my dump finds last weekend.

The Vera Bradley bag is an older style and definitely has been loved but i liked the zippered top and figured if anything it would be good for yard sales, and thrift shops when you have a lot things to carry around in small spaces. Don't mind the evil cat lurking in the shadows of this picture. My husband had him before we got married and the thing hates me! Right after this photo was taken he started gnawing on the strap to my purse. Obviously he doesn't know a thing about Vera Bradley. He is a 15lb. terror!

Here is my mantel. The wooden people and the vase are from our honeymoon in St. Lucia. The garland is from the dump I really liked the purple flowers on it. I do think that I am going to redo my mantel eventually so it has a better theme to it.
This birdhouse is not from the dump. My father makes these great birdhouses on old tools. I was lucky enough to steal this one from his workshop to put in my garden. Daffodils are my FAVORITE flower and I love when they are in bloom. How cute are they?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long Time No See

Sorry I haven't blogged in a loongg time! Life at the Danforth household is hectic (as usual) the end of the school year is coming very fast. So I have a ton of IEPs to write and a lot of teachers to talk with. My masters program is also done May 2nd and I am a procrasinator so I have been putting off my project until oh wait now! AND Ron and I have decided to become foster parents so we are taking classes towards become certified. Wheww! I just keep looking forward to mid May early June when my life will slow down and I can hit some good yard sales and do some thrifting.

Unfortuneately I wasn't able to hit any yard sales this weekend, but hubby was sweet enough to let me shop the dump store while he unloaded a ton of leaves. I found a brand new mad libs book (perfect for my kids at school). A great fake lilac garland which is currently sitting on my mantel (pictures to come!), a wonderful book with pictures of Nantucket, and a Vera Bradley purse! The dump store was packed! It was fun to go in the little shack and poke around while people around me caught up and laughed about family, and the warm weather.

Only a few more months and I can be floating in a pool with a cocktail again ;)