Friday, August 20, 2010

Dump Finds

Bailey and I went to the dump a few times this week..... I think I have a problem, like a huge problem, I LOVE THE DUMP! I can't help it there is something about digging around and finding great treasures for free. I was just getting ready to leave empty handed when two trucks backed up to the shed, wahoo the thrifting gods have finally put me in their good graces I've had a dry spell for a few weeks. I was so excited I called my hubby at work. ( I think he's worried I'll become a horder and have my 15 minutes of fame on Hoarding Buried Alive on TLC). (Don't worry I am not a hoarder or could live like one, i just love to decorate with FREE stuff :))
  • Old El Paso Tray - Ron and I host a superbowl party every year and i've always wanted one of these because it looks like a football field
  • Large tupperware container with lid- perfect for storing baked goods
  • 3 Tier china serving tray- I think this would be adorable with mini cupcakes or petiti fours on it, it might stay at my house or travel to my mothers :)
  • 2 Blue And White Porcelin Eggs- I have a picture frame that matches these eggs, im going to put them in a bowl and put them in the spare bedroom with the picture frame.
  • Brand New April Cornell Coasters- These are going to go on Ebay
  • Powdered Sugar Container- I've been looking for one of these Hubby loves powdered sugar sprinkled on his french toast.
  • Card Holder- Im going to put all of our Christmas cards on this little tree.
  • Garlic Keeper- I've been looking for one to hold my garlic
  • Brand New Pfaltzgraff Pie Plate- I may try my hand at baking a pie this plate claims a perfect crust with perfect filling everytime. Or it may go as a Christmas gift with the ingredients to make a pie :)

And of course it was all for free :)


  1. I've been stalking your blog for quite some time longing to wonder how the "dump finds" work. I gotta ask. So, do you just go to the dump during the day and ask people if you can go through their stuff before they haul it through the gates? Because I don't think at our dump you can go in unless you are actually bringing in something. I'm confused how you get these finds...

  2. Hi Staci,thank you so much for stalking, I love when people read my blog! Our dump you need to have a dump sticker to get in. All you have to do is show your sticker to get "into" the dump. (Unless you have something they charge to dump, like construction debris, tvs etc.)We have a little shed at our dump that people drop off stuff that THEY believe could be reused,or of worth to someone else. Alot of the stuff is crap, but as you can tell I have some good finds. There is a seperate section for recyleables and real "trash". We also have a big pile of wood scraps that you dump your wood pieces at. I find alot of "fixer uper" furniture in there too. I also go to a few neighboring dumps if you tell the people you are "just looking" and are not actually dumping alot of them let you in. Staci thanks again for leaving a comment!

  3. ok, so you are talking about an actual dump. i am, well, i am flummoxed that you find these wonderful things for free. how does one find out if there are dumps like this? "neighboring dumps," too. oy, are these ridiculous questions? i'm very intrigued, and so as soon as i am done commenting, i will be your newest follower.

    so glad you stopped by the cape on the corner, and thanks for your comment on my new pillows!