Sunday, August 8, 2010

100th Post!

Wahoo I've hit 100 posts... I must have a lot to say !

Here are some of my thrifty finds from the church thrift store last week. I found a first at the thrift store last week........a shirt for hubby! Wow never thought that would happen, he is super picky and only likes Van Heusen short sleeve button up shirts for work. Well luck had it I found one in his size at the thrift store for $.50. This is a huge savings the shirts are usually $36.00 but you can find them on sale for $14.99. It had a ring around the collar but I soaked it in my favorite OxyClean(that stuff can get out anything) it looks brand new and hubby definitely approves!
Ok.. on to my other finds. Black button down gap maternity top, blue and white v Neck maternity top, and super cute white top with belt.
All for $3.50. I refuse to buy expensive maternity clothes so any tops that fit and look cute, I snatch up.

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