Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Trash and Thrift Finds

There is another doggie thrift store in town (not as good as the one I posted about before) I went there this morning and the dump after. I went to the dump a little bit later than usual today and without Bailey. I show up and there are no parking spots in front of the "store" and people are sitting on their finds waiting for people to pick them up. It was insane. I did find some cute stuff.

  • Brand new Hatley skirt with tags
  • Lands End cardigan
  • Vintage Easter cutouts
  • Three cloth napkins with lace
  • Fake fruit with fake sticks
  • Glittery swirly sticks

Here are some of the finds up close!

I think the Easter cutouts are vintage. I have no idea what to do with the glittery swirly sticks anyone have any ideas?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Night Stand Redos

Im linking to Between Naps on the Porch Metamorphasis Monday http://betweennapsontheporch.blogspot.com/

Hubby and I bought our house two years ago fully furnished. At first I thought cool we have more furniture.

Then after moving all of their stuff to the basement to move all of our stuff in (in December no less) I thought to myself why the hell did we buy a furnished house.

Most of the furniture we got with the house was pretty ugly and since has been given away or sold off in yard sales. I did however keep a full sized headboard, footboard and 2 night stands in the spare bedroom.

They just needed a little bit of TLC


As you know im obsessed with black spray paint. I painted them black and painted the handles silver. I considered buying new handles but im just wayy to cheap to pay $4.00 a handle.

Headboard and footboard to follow!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lazy Sunday

Bailey and I are tired from all the thrifting we've done this week. We're gonna take a break today!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Before and Afters

Remember the green urn from the dump? (Back right corner)

I spray painted it black ( like everything else in this house!) and planted a $3.00 plant from Walmart in it. Tada! Now lets hope I keep the plant alive!

Saturday Morning Waffles

So I woke up this morning and baby wanted waffles (or wassies as my nieces call them). Two years ago when my husband and I registered for wedding gifts at Macy's the one thing he insisted on registering for was this huge waffle maker. I didn't fight with him just thought to myself why the hell do we need such a huge waffle maker.

Well am I ever happy he registered for it. It makes the best waffles ever and I get cravings for them all the time. I just use the box aunt jemimia mix and add vanilla and cinnamon and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Yum Yum!

Friday, June 25, 2010


My father has been promising to make me a hutch for my kitchen now for a while. On Father's Day we hit some antique stores on our way to the Old Port for lunch. I found this beauty..

I think they woman who owned it really needed to make her rent that month it was $225 but she said it could be mine for $175. I almost had hubby convinced but then dad spoke up and said..... it could have lead paint. Damn, I was so close to having it! My father promised to make me one without lead paint, and that was the end of that. Close but no hutch...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thrift Shopping and Donating to the Doggies

Im linking up to Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality http://southernhospitalityblog.com/
So yesterday I hit up a few of my favorite thrift stores out in Maine.

My first stop was the Congregation Church in Fryeburg. I love this thrift store and they have been known to have "free days" once a season, where everything in the store is free!

I bought:
  • Brand new Old Navy sandals with tags still on the Originally 16.50 for 2.00

  • Lands End Shorts $1.00 (since im pregnant my ass doesn't fit in them so im shipping them off to my mother).
  • Free pair of green pants from Old Navy. They were on the free rack and I have no idea, no rips stains etc....
After stopping for a slice of pizza at my favorite convience store. (I've been craving their pizza).

I was off to Harvest Hills Animal Shelter. They have a huge amazing thrift store complete with furniture, dishes, clothes, books, CDS, etc. you name it, its there. I love it because everything is donated and all of the money earned goes to the humane society.

Shockingly I didnt find too much

Two Martha Stewart Magazines for .50 a piece

A Toby Keith CD for $1.50
A cute magnet for .75

Grand Total $6.25

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Before and After

This is my type of project. It took me one day to spray paint and reupholster the top of it. It cost me $1.00. I bought $.96 can of spray paint from walmart, I had the fabric left over from another project. Now it sits beside my couch holding my thousands of magazines. I am linking to the Shabby Chich Cottage Transformation Thursdayhttp://www.theshabbychiccottage.net/

Before & After

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dumpster Diving

So Bailey and I headed to the dump for our weekly picking session. I love Tuesdays at the dump because they are closed on Sun and Mon so there are many left over yard sale items being dropped off.

So here is our little dump store

They almost banned the dump store a few summers ago because people were sitting there and loitering. If someone drove up with a carload of stuff people actually jumped in their car to get the first stuff. My friends always joke that it was me doing that! I would never be that extreme or ridiculous!

Here are my dump finds for today:

* 2 glass water spikets for my potted plants

*2 hard cover gardening books (i'll give those to my mom, im a horrible gardener
a brand new make up bag

*An old VHS 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. My mom is an old movie lover so i grew up watchign these movies and I absolutely loved this one as a kid. My husband thinks im crazy but i just think i have an old soul.

And my last find.... which i had to crawl on top of the wood pile for.

This older gentlemen was standing at the bottom of the wood pile and stated that pregnant women should not be crawling around on top of the wood pile at the dump. I asked him if he was a medical professional he said "no" so i stated that unless he wanted to climb up here and fetch this for me that I would kindly like it if he kept his comments to himself. Well that shut him up and he left. I know pregnant women should not be on top of the wood pile, but this was only 1/2 way up and I was very careful getting it :) This is the second time this week though I have been lectured on my pregnancy.

I was really craving ramen noodles the other day so hubby drove me to walmart and i grabbed 2 packages. Now i know ramen is not that best thing for you, but every once in a while its okay, and I really really wanted some. Well the cashier in Walmart decided to lecture me on how high in sodium Ramen Noodles are and that it would kill my baby and I. First of all I didnt know that walmart was hiring trained medical professionals to give out free advice at the check out counter, and second of all the woman was extremely rude. I left Walmart crying, hubby waiting in the car was extremely shocked to see me bawling leaving walmart. I went back today and that same woman was outside smoking a cigarette. I was tempted to lecture her on the evils of smoking and how it was effecting me, but I decided against it. I dont want a reputation of being the evil pregnant woman in town.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yard Sailing on Saturdays

I am linking up to Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures http://southernhospitalityblog.com/thrifty-treasures-once-again/

I told my mother yesterday that yard sailing has made me cheap. We were shopping in the Old Port district in Portland Maine. Extremely cute little shops, and some designer second hand stores. I picked up an extremely cute skirt, but just could not bring myself to pay $8.00 for it. An extremely cute skirt for $8.00..... I think yard sailing is ruining my retail obsession.

I have a great hubby who accompanies me on my yard sailing adventures. On Saturday my plans were to only hit one yard sale, but once that feeling hits you, you have to do more. We ended up going to 5 of them! Not too much to write home about but we found some cute stuff.

We dont have children yet, but we are due with our first child in January, so i have a hard time resisting adorable kid stuff.

  • Blow up crab $1.00
  • Doug and Melissa wooden puzzle $1.00
  • Kate Spade bag $2.00
  • Christmas napkins $.50
  • Mini tiki torches both for a $1.00

I would say that's a pretty successful little shopping trip :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dianna's Bath and Dump Finds

It has been a wonderful morning at the Danforth household. Bailey and I decided to hit the dump ( to get rid of all of my germy used tissues) and take a nature walk.

Here is what we found at the dump:

  • An older bowl and sugar bowl im going to give to my mom.

  • A fun looking green urn im going to spray paint black and put flowers in.

  • An apple pealer which i've been waiting forever to find! Works great too! My mother always said if you wait long enough you'll find what you want at the dump or yard sales.

  • A metal measuring cup for bailey's food

  • A glamour magazine I haven't read yet

  • and a brand new book mark
Diana's Bath in Conway is beautiful place where you can explore the waterfalls and just relax. Bailey and I went there to enjoy the peace and quiet. The "hike" is only a mile in and is all flat ground. We love to spend time there in the summer. When the tourists started showing up and asking us if this was the public pool, we left.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Listerine Money Maker

Grab the Walgreens flyer for 6/13-6/19 cut out the $3.00 listerine coupon

Go to http://www.coupons.com/ and use the zip code 44714

Print out the $2.00 off listerine coupon

Go to Walgreens and buy listerine for $5.99 use both coupons and pay .99

Mail your original receipt, dated between 5/21 – 6/17/10 and proof of purchase circled along with your name and address to:Dare to Wear GiftPO Box 4938NY NY 10185.

Receive a $10 prepaid debit card in the mail.

$9.00 money maker :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lets Grow Some Grass

So I showed you in my last blog about the fake grass I bought. I figured since we have such a hard time growing it in the yard lets have some of the fake stuff inside. I thought it was very zen looking. I have three blocks of it. I spray painted one white and added a rub on fleur de lise to go with my black and white kitchen. What do you think?



It was super hard to spray paint because the grass does not come out of the bottom so its not perfect but I definitely think it is better than the blue.

*My summer vacation has now started. I love being a teacher, this summer I have 79 days off. I'll start hitting the thrift stores on a regular basis :)