Friday, August 26, 2011

This is what $18.75 got me today!

Miss Baby and I are enjoying our last days of summer by thrifting them away! I have to return back to work on Tuesday :( boo. We went to two of our favorite thrift stores today and got this loot: Sorry the picture is not that great!

  • 2 new magazines July/Aug 2011 .50 a piece

  • A workbook for my kiddos .50

  • 2 packages of pencils 1 was .25 1 was .50

  • 3 bibs $1.00 a piece

  • 1 fisher price toy for Miss Baby $2.00

  • 3 picture frames one was $1.00 two were $.50

  • 2 brand new packages of diaper genie trash bags brand new! (this was a super exciting deal for me I got them for $1.50 a piece at walmart I pay $6.00 a piece!)

  • Nuby sippy cup for $.50 also an exciting deal because these retail for 5-6$$ a piece

  • 3 onsies $1.00 a piece

  • 2 pairs of pants for Miss Baby .25 each

  • Express Pants the Editor fit 1.00

  • Brand new banana republic shirt with tags still on it 2.00

What a great deal!!

I also am still doing ebay and making $$$$. I found brand new in their package magic mesh screen doors. I didn't know what they were I googled them and saw that they retail for $20.00 plus 7.00 shipping. I found them on ebay selling for $34.00. So I am ebaying those babies. Hubby has stopped complaining about me bringing home things from the dump anymore... I knew it wouldn't take long :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Digging In The Dump Store

Miss Baby had a fabulous overnight at her grammie and Pepe's house over at this weekend. So while she was off having fun I decided to shop the dump store on Sunday morning. Not much there. But here is what I did find: Of course the price was right being FREE :)

  • Brand New with the plastic wrap still on it Skateboarding game. Im going to donate it to our auction at school the kids will love it.

  • An adorable Tails book for Miss Baby

  • A coloring book with only two pages colored in.

  • Christmas book

  • An old trading spaces book but I love to look at the pictures for decorating ideas.

Also in this picture is my other thrifty buy from last Christmas. This tablecloth was 75% off after Christmas at TJ Maxx. I paid $2.00 for it. I don't think it looks christmassy so I use it year round. I always scour the after christmas deals sometimes you find things that are not christmassy that are great deals!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Princesses, Parties, Preused Toys, and Pressure Treated Decks.

Wow August 20th already! Wheww what a summer! Miss Baby sure was on the go a lot! We went to StoryLand for the first time! Miss Baby sure did love Cinderella!

We also went to a few birthday parties for Miss Baby's friends and did some yard saling

Here are our recent yard sale finds.

For $3.00 I couldn't pass up this stand and play toy. It comes apart so Miss Baby can play with it now.

I also bought a toy that sticks to the table for .50 shorts for myself from Nike $1.00 and a box of pencils for my kids at school $1.00
Hubby and my father also built us a brand new deck his summer!! It is beautiful I promise there will be pictures to come, it was also a thrifty build! (well as thrifty as a deck can be!) My last thrifty find was this old garden hoe. For $20.00 I thought it was cute. It dresses up my dead plants. (I'll work on gardening next summer ;) )

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