Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Dump Finds

So I headed out to the dump today, I haven't gotten good pickings in a while so I had a feeling maybe today would be the day. Well.... there was a ton of stuff at the dump store but also a ton of people to go with that ton of stuff. Okay people why aren't you all working? I know that you ALL cannot be school teachers! This one woman even took an almost brand new baby toy out of my hand and goes "this would be cute for my grandson" and walked off to her car. I was so flabergasted that I was speechless, (which does not happen often). I had to leave the dump store right then and there. This is what I got before I was accosted:
  • I love the big red cup for my noodles, I know i'll be eating alot of those this winter at work.

  • I always pick up christmas dishes, after I bleach them I keep them on hand they're adorable for parties or to put cookies on to give to friends, and co-workers, the mug I thought would be cute to put hot chocolate in with some candy canes.

  • I love Suze Orman i've seen her on Oprah a few times Im going to give this book to my dad who retires next year :)

  • The parenthood book is cute (although the girl on the front looks about 14 which scares me lol)

To regain my composure after the dump I headed to one of my favorite thrift stores. The doggy thrift store in Conway. It is always so quiet in there and the women are so sweet. I spent $3.00 and found some great things.

  • These shoes are so cute and flats for work they look like they've hardly been worn (1.00)
  • A rug hooking book for my mom (we made a pact last year to get a majority of our christmas presents for each other from thrift or yard sales, this will go in her stocking)(1.00)
  • I always pick up decorating books for ideas, our library doesn't have very many so I check out the ideas, and donate them afterwards (1.00)

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