Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is what I did today.... dollar days

Today is the big day! Hubby and I made a hugeeeee purchase and it is being delivered today! We bought a sleep number bed!!! Im extremely excited, hopefully the sleep I do get will be much better thanon my $199 mattress. Miss Baby and I ran some errands today, here is some photos of what we did.

First stop the dump... Nothing in the dump store today.. Darn it! In the summer Tuesdays are the best picking days! The only thing in the dump store was some old doggie toys, and a coffee maker. I need neither of these things so we went on.

Our second stop the dollar store. I love the dollar store. I bought some much needed items
all for $7.00

Our third stop. The overpriced (in my opinon) thrift store. We didn't get anything there today. I think I might have to take this one off my rotation, I rarely find anything good decently priced. It is run by an elderly community. I think they are trying to make their retirement off their old, musty smelling clothing. Every once in a while if the stars align I find something good there if someone's grandchildren have donated some good clothing, but not usually. I prefer the doggie thrift stores.

Our fourth stop the doggie thrift store, Retails. I got two new magazines for $1.00. I almost bought a used watch which was cute, and along with it came a free installed watch battery from the local jeweler. When I asked how much the watch was the woman said how about $8.00. No offense for a used watch not even made from very high quality material $8.00 seemed a tad pricey. We have friends that are very involved with the humane society, I may have to inquire about their thrift store pricing :)

Our fifth and final stop the green closet located in the Children's Museum. I found this adorable pair of shoes for Miss Baby for $1.00 soooo cute! This store is new to our rotation. I was given advice by a friend's mother to head over and see their cute clothing. Pretty much everything is a dollar.

My total purchase for $7.00

  • 2 new magazines $1.00
  • new shoes for miss baby $1.00
  • tupperware-I needed new ones I have the same kind as my inlaws and they keep stealing it so this is my non stealable new tupperware, gloves, garlic powder, tissues, q-tips for miss baby.

Friday, March 18, 2011

My Dear House...

So hubby and I had a realtor come look at our house, just for fun to see what price we could get for it if, we were to sell. If the price was right hubby and I would consider looking to put our house on the market. Well the price was WRONG, the realtor came back with a listing price, that was basically how much we owe on our house, so no profit there. So there goes the idea of selling our house for a few years. Isn't it cute?? We've since gotten rid of that ugly wishing well. This was when we had first bought the house.

Don't get me wrong our house is cute, and we've done some major improvements. I just would like to have more land, and privacy from the neighbors. We live in a nice neighborhood, and have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. So I can't complain. Let me tell you there are two things I absolutely HATE about this house. One of them being the dark trim EVERYWHERE (but there is a different story for a different post)
I am here to complain about my downstairs bathroom. My hubby says it is leaky, creaky, and smelly. Yes, Yes it is.
It is small. It is very green, and yellow. The sink leaks, I think there is mold somewhere around there. I didn't take a picture of the shower, it is even uglier. Tiles are falling off, and have been make shift placed on. So folks I need your help folks. What would you do to make this bathroom look bigger? Color ideas? We are redoing it this spring with the help of my handy dandy father.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's Raining Money

So coming out of my favorite coffee shop with hubby and miss baby I found a $1.00 bill on the ground. Last week hubby's parents found $8.00 on the ground. Is it raining money??Gosh I hope so, if it starts to i'll let you know!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Where Does The Time Go?

Miss Baby and I have been thoroughly enjoying our maternity leave, so much that i've forgotten to post our fantastic finds! Today we spent a whopping $1.00. We are watching our finances as usual, (especially after just investing in a sleep number bed).

2 Everyday Food Magazines $.25. Compared at $2.95 a piece

1 new Monopoly card game for $.50. My kids at school love card games as rewards so I'm always trying to pick up new fun ones. I'm going to try this one on hubby first!

We also have been bringing Miss Baby's clothes to the baby thrift store in Plymouth for store credit. We got $42.00 in store credit and some extremely cute outfits in the next size up.

It is a rainy yucky day, and I can smell spring in the air. Think SPRING!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This is what $3.25 can get ya

Miss Baby and I spent a whooping $3.25 at the doggie thrift store on Tuesday. We dropped off a big bag of stuff to clear out of our house and couldn't help taking a peak.
  • Earrings $1.50. These earrings called to me for some reason they are heavy and turquoise with irises on them.
  • A piece of heavy upholstery fabric for $.25. It would be great for a chair seat.
  • February 2011 Marie Claire $.50
  • PJs for Miss Baby $1.00. I couldn't pass them up they, they had a zipper instead of snaps. I'm obsessed with zip PJs, it makes my life 500 times easier at 2 am. I know they are a tad boyish but Miss Baby told me she could get in touch with her masculine side.

Miss Baby is getting her first shots today, wish the poor dear luck!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I bet you've never seen one of these before....

Everyone in our family has been on vacation lately except for us! My inlaws just got back from Florida and my family is currently down there. Miss Baby and I are extremely jealous especially since we are on leave from work right now too! My in laws brought home this gift for me they found in Florida. When I received it it was holding my favorite bottle of wine. It can hold a vase in it or you can wear it as a hat. A very ingenius idea. Miss Baby forbid me from wearing it as a hat on our walks, but I think it willbe a cute vase.