Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Hubby's Thrifty Find

So I am super impressed on how i've worn off on my hubby. My hubby found this shelving unit for free outside his work. It is going to go in one of our closets to help us organize (please ignore the mess behind the unit).
Now if only he'd pick the dump for me :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thrifty Weekend

I was lucky enough to do some thrifting this weekend. I went to the new store Savers in Portsmouth. Now you southern ladies have told me about savers but i've never been there, nor seen one for that matter. Well one came into a town near us and WAHOOO that is my new favorite! First of all I think the prices are better than Goodwill, ( I love goodwill don't get me wrong) and it is extremely organized. Sorry I didn't take pictures, but I bought a pair of pregnancy jeans for 2.95 and a pregnancy skirt for 2.95. What a deal!

I went to see my family on Sunday, we had a wonderful Sunday dinner! My mom and I made a stop at her local thrift store. I just looovee when thrift stores are open on Sundays :) Here is what I got:

  • Ironing board/Iron holder 1.00 brand new
  • Home Alone CD .50 (I'm always looking for xmas music to download to hubby's ipod)
  • Super comfy shoes that look like they've never been worn 2.00

Total of 3.50... im a big spender!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Favorite Place

So last Tuesday I had to take some time off to go to the Hospital and have my sugar levels checked for the baby. It was not a fun process, I had to fast (who makes a pregnant woman fast???) and get blood taken every hour on the hour for three hours. I guess I should stop my baking marathons and get my sugars in order.

I rewarded myself with going to my favorite place! THE DUMP!

Here are my great finds
  • A hard cover James Patterson book (which my mom had not read, and said was fairly new)
  • An adorable hanging heart
  • Another basket for Brynlee's room
  • 2 egg cups for my mom
  • The Secret Life of Bees book
  • A small plastic bat (for our halloween costume this year.. I can't tell you it's a surprise!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Free Free Free

So on Sunday I got all of this stuff for free from Rite Aid... I love Free :)

  • Sucrets Cough Drops
  • Blistex Lip Balm
  • Shea Butter Lip Balm
  • Green Giant Frozen Meal
  • Pedicare Gentle Vapors plug in
  • Utterly Smooth Hand Cream

How I got this for free is. I bought all this stuff with money out of my pocket, then I signed up for Single Check Rebates at and at the end of the month they'll send me a check for what I bought... Easy as that.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Thrifty Finds

I didn't do a lot of thrifting this weekend. I stopped at my favorite thrift store, they had been having a dollar a bag sale for quite a while so there was not much left. I did find these two brand new halloween dish towels for $.50 a piece.

I had just wiped my hands on them sorry they're wet!

I didn't go yard saling because there were just wayyy to many people out there. The traffic was backed up in every which direction. To all my engineering friends out there, anyway we can design a few roads around our little town to lessen the chaos???

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Good Old Country Fair

I just love three day weekends, especially with beautiful fall days attached to them. This weekend was a busy one. We went to the Octoberfest up at Attash Ski Area on Saturday. We had a nice time, it was beautiful out and hubby got to drink some of their delicioius beers. Sunday we went to the Sandwich fair with both the Dupuis and Danforth families. This is the second year we've done this and we had fun!

Here are the men eating their fair goodies. My hubby is on the left, his dad in the middle, and my dad on the end.
This was the 100th year for the Sandwich Fair and I had to laugh at this booth.... I don't know about you ladies but I haven't used a scrunchie since 1985. Maybe this is where my old scrunchies went to live.

The last thing we did was watch the parade

I love the old carriages, and the paper mache person was wicked cool. My favorite parts of the parade were the over the hill climbers club ( I am extremely impressed how inshape all of these old time climbers are) and the float that had a local couple who had gotten married on 10/10/10 (they went as the ball and chain, she has alot to learn :) )

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How Do You Save Money?

I consider myself quite a frugal gal. Here is how my hubby and I choose to save money
  1. Many articles say to save money you should eat in instead of eating out all the time. Hubby and I love to eat out, but we buy alot of our certificates at a $25.00 gift certificate can cost only 1.75 or we get $50.00 gift certificates for $25.00 off the radio on 50/50 Fridays. We also have been eating in and only having drinks out.
  2. I buy 85% of my clothes at the thrift store. I do have the occasional urge to go to the outlets. But overall most of my clothing comes from yard sales and thrift stores.
  3. I make my lunch every day. Lunch at school has gotten over $2.50 for a teacher. If I bought lunch everyday I would spend $450 a year
  4. I use coupons all the time! I think of a coupon as just money just sitting there.
  5. I use the library alot! We rent movies and books for free!

So how do you save money??????

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is Here!

Sorry I haven't posted alot lately we've had alot of celebrating to do here on Fairview Ave. First to celebrate was a new baby in our circle of friends. Im so excited for the little guy to be here, he is absolutely adorable! Second to celebrate was hubby's 31st birthday this week, we enjoyed dinner, and spending time with families. And last but not least to celebrate is my parent's 35th wedding anniversary TODAY! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

So i've been doing some Halloween decorating around here. All of my decorations were either given to me, found at the dump, or on extreme clearance

The wreath on the right hangs from our bathroom door and was $2.00 on clearance at Christmas Tree Shop last year. I found the metal web with the spider at the dump and decorated it with my free spider webbing. Last summer Shaw's had a free cart of Halloween decorations they couldn't sell. Most of it was just crap, but I did find 5 packages of free spider webbing. I may add it to my wreath.

My mom made the black cat hooked hanging on the left. It is absolutely adorable. I snagged it a few years ago as I was walking out her door. On the right is our front door and how it is decorated. Don't mind the cornstalks they've been hit by rain, but the cute little trick or treat sign was $1.00 at Christmas Tree Shop.
Im off to go digest my fair food from the Fryeburg Fair. I hate to admit it but I couldn't help but try the deep fried cheesecake... oh my god so good, but definitely heart attack material!