Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I love the smell of new carpet!

I haven' t been out yardsaling or thrifting in FOREVER. It is probably a good thing, my house needed a break from all the stuff. Life at the Danforth household has been upside down lately. On top of getting a new roof, we also have redone a spare bedroom for the babies room, and with that came new carpeting through out the house.

I was extremely impressed that hubby and I could carpet the living room, two bedrooms, a hallway, and stairs for $1100. That included everything! Lowe's was running a great special on carpeting, so we snatched some up. Of couse to save money we ripped up our old carpet and moved our own furniture. It was worth it. All in time for Aly's babyshower! (Barely, but that is another story, another post!) Bye bye brown carpet.

Sorry no befores just afters. Our whole house is painted a faint yellow, so we've slowly been redoing rooms.

Spare Bedroom (sorry dont mind the curtains) The bedroom set came with the house so I painted it black and wala looks great!
Babies room with no furniture, we will know in 8 days if the baby is a boy or girl I just love blue I figured it could be for a girl or boy.
Hubby did the whole babies room, wainscotting and all doesn't it look fab? I painted the spare bedroom with some help from the hubby.

It's funny after all this work, i've stopped looking at houses online. I think I've finally started to get the feel that this is our house. Maybe we'll be here longer than we think :)


  1. Looks great. We need to recarpet so badly! Just have to justify spending the funds...

    I love all the windows in your house:)

  2. your carpeting is wonderful, it really brightened up the area! Good luck on your appointment in a little over a week!