Sunday, January 31, 2010

$.50 Day At The Thrift Store

So I finally had a Saturday off to go to the thrift store. I hit up my favorite thrift store which was having a $.50 sale on all their clothing.
Here is what I got:
  • Clogs
  • Fleece Hat ( I usually dont buy hats at second hand stores but this one for some reason was calling to me)
  • Brand new Van Heusen shirt in packaging for hubby
  • Cordury Pants
  • Cordury Jacket
  • New turtleneck with tags still on it
  • Workout long sleeve shirt
  • White Long sleeve shirt
  • Sweater
  • L.L Bean Striped 3/4 length sleeve shirt

My favorite deals
Brand new Scrabble Slam game i've been looking for

7 black and white notecards (Vertical New York by Horst Hamann) not sure what im going to do with them but they're really cool.
Total spent $6.50

So I took it one step further and looked up all the clothes online by brand to see if I bought them new what I would have paid for them. (These are just based on online prices, which some are ridiculous I would have never spent that much brand new). Alot of the clothes I found exact matches on their company website, a few of them I had to compare to an item in the same price range.

Anywhere Clogs $52.00
Brand new Van Heusen shirt in packaging for hubby $28.00
Willi Smith Cordury Pants $19.99
Marks & Spencer Cordury Jacket $104 converted from 65 pounds
Energie New turtleneck with tags still on it $19.00
Athletic Works Workout long sleeve shirt $10.00
Faded Glory White Long sleeve shirt $6.00
Poles Sweater $42.30
L.L Bean Striped 3/4 length sleeve shirt $29.95

St. John's Bay Fleece Hat $12.99

Vertical New York Horst Hamann Notecards $14.95

Scrabble Slam $5.24

Total if I paid retail $339.18

I Paid $6.50 at the church thrift store. I saved $332.68

A few different pictures. Missing are the cordury pants, scrabble slam, and notecards.
Happy Thrifting!

Friday, January 29, 2010

New Blog In Town

So my lovely mother whom I learned all of my frugal secrets from has started her own blog! She always has great finds and has interior decorating background so this will be a great place to hit up if you want to see thrifty finds turned to beautiful pieces. I'm hoping she'll take pictures of her house to show you just want a talented decorator she is.

Check her out!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Shaws Shaws Shaws Shaws Shaws

So I must say that my grocery shopping trip was extremely successful today. Shaws was having some great sales and I had some great coupons. All my coupons were found either for free online or in the Sunday paper. I bought $112.24 worth of groceries before coupons (34 items). Out of Pocket (oop) I paid $44.93 that is a 60% savings (if I did my math correctly).

Alot of people ask if I buy alot of junk food on sale, and if anything I buy is healthy. This trip was a very healthy frugal trip. Here are some of the foods included in our trip:

  • (2) 24 packs of bottled water
  • (1) 6 pack of bottled water
  • (2) packages of salad express
  • bananas
  • cucumbers
  • (2) packages of special K cereal
  • (3) boxes of special K bars
  • cantaloupe
  • (3) cans progresso soups
  • chicken
  • carrots
  • Hamburger
  • v8 Juice

Thats just a sampling of what I bought today. I calculated that I put in about 30-45min planning my grocery list. This included planning dinners, cutting out the coupons, and writing a list of what we needed.

I think that the state needs to have a program where they teach people how to frugally food shop. One of my goals is to spend less then $50.00 a week and still eat a healthy diet. Alot of people on state assistance have a strict amount they need to spend each week and this would help to maximize their budget.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and Day. I've given up setting New Year's resolutions. Every year I would set a huge goal, and stick with it for about a week then give up. Well this year I am not setting a resolution but I am going to continue to work on finding great deals, and saving money with my thrifty ways.

According to Kiplinger someone who is 30 years old needs to save $448 a month for the next 35 years to become a millionaire.

I bet if I put my mind to it I could save $448 a month just by acting thrifty ;)