Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where The Wild Things Are

So sleeping when you are pregnant is difficult but sleeping when you hear weird noises just doesn't happen!

Here is the story: 2:30am hubby and I wake out of a dead sleep to screaming. It sounded like a woman or a small child screaming bloody murder. We do have some weird neighbors so I thought one of them had committed a murder. Hubby and I crept to a window and look, no lights on anywhere in the neighborhood. The screeching goes on for another 2 minutes and then completely stops.

By this point im army crawling around the house looking for the "killer" outside and wanting to call the cops, but hubby isn't convinced we are having a murder on Fairview Ave. He convinces me it was an animal.

Now i've lived in NH my whole life and never heard an animal like this. It was a fox, and we found this on Sounds just like what we heard. If we had heard this camping I would have been convinced that the Blair Witch Project was out in the woods!

I couldn't get the video on my blog but go to and type in fox screaming and you'll see what I mean!

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