Sunday, August 29, 2010

Baby Room Savings Dresser Redo

My hubby is pretty darn handy. We've been getting the baby's room ready for our little baby girl. My wonderful brother and sister in law gave us a beautiful crib and changing table in honey oak color. We had this nice hardwood dresser that came with our house it was a super ugly color. See the free Diaper Genie in the corner :) Yes it does have all of its drawers sorry for the picture.

I refuse to shell out $300-$800 for a dresser to match the set. So my wonderful hubby stripped the ugly paint off and re stained it. Wahla..... this is how it came out! We found the handles for .19 at Lowes on clearance. It cost us at most $10.00 to refinish this dresser we got for free with the house.

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