Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Woah I need to blog more

I am really trying hard to make time for blogging. Okay so I haven't been great... almost a year but hey i've got a lot to blog about now!

So i've been thrifting thrifting thrifting. I just dont understand how people can survive without buying second hand. Here is Miss Baby in the cutest outfit ever. A total of $1.50 how can you go wrong. (Don't mind her red cheeks she's sick :(   )

Please ignore the playroom mess behind her!

I've also been upcycling some corks while i've been neglecting this blog!

Yes folks I love wine and yes i've drank all these bottles :)
Hubby was so sweet to cut out the D and I hot glued corks to it.
Now it lives on our  mantel.