Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Yard Sales

So yesterday I got up super early (6am) and headed out to some yardsales. I will say I didn't find that much.

  • 3 CDs for .25 a piece

  • A really cute wooden baby toy for $2.00

  • A baby gate for $2.00

  • Brand new reed difuser from yankee candle for $1.00

  • Black cotton skirt $1.00

  • A book for $.50

After our yardsale last weekend I promised hubby I would not buy stuff just because it was a good deal so I was very picky with what I bought. Not that I had to be THAT picky because there was hardly anything out there I wanted.

The yardsaling gods were not really on my side. We went to the Habitat for Humanity yard sale which is usually wonderful for housing projects and didnt get a single thing :(. I also went to over 20 yard sales and all I spent was $7.25. A very sad day for yardsaling.

I will tell you though if you are in the market for beenie babies please come to North Conway NH. I would say at least 60% of the yard sales I went to were selling the little suckers.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why have a yard sale when you can go to one

So hubster and I had a yard sale last weekend. Sorry for no pictures. Let me tell you I love to make a deal my hubby gets so irritated with me because what we did sell I sold for super cheap. We made $160.00 but we had a ton of stuff left over. So I decided to take our left over stuff to the dump store, I bet we made somebody's day!

So this weekend is the yard sale mecca to end all yard sales. I have already started mapping out my route. Hubby and I are starting at the Habitat for Humanity yard sale, last year I passed up a granite counter top with undermount sink that would have fit perfectly in our bathroom for $60.00. Im not going to let stuff like that go by this year. So i've grabbed the Conway Daily Sun and im circling like crazy!

This ugly outdated bathroom could have had a beautiful granite countertop last year. Maybe i'll be lucky enough to get one this year!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fabric, Valances, and Grass.. Oh my..

So here are some pictures of some great stuff I got a few weekends ago.

I got three boxes of this faux grass, I think it will look great once I spray paint it white and add the black fleur de leche decals I got at walmart on clearence. I liked the grass I thought it was a very zen feel. $2.50 for all three.

These three gingham valances will look great in the room with my rocker. .75 a piece

This fabric is fabulous I have no idea what im going to do with it yet. Im thinking of reupholstering the desk chair but I got it for $1.50

Old Souls

So I am so excited.. It is a Saturday night im home blogging with my favorite black lab watching Sweet Home Alabama and reading my new thrifty decorating book during the commercials.

Wow you wouldn't believe that im only 26.... You would think im more like.... 66. My mother always said I was an old soul and I believe it now.

My husband's best friend called up and wanted a night out on the town.. and I was SO EXCITED for a Saturday night at home to myself.

So as promised here is a picture of the glider back to its original state.

The green topiary on the side is also a thrift store find!