Monday, August 9, 2010

BoothBay Harbor Weekend

Hubby and I had a fabulous weekend in Boothbay Harbor. Hubby found a wonderful little resort called Boothbay Resort. It was a family owned resort with adorable quaint cabins. On the premises there was the 1828 Vintage House wine and cheese shop. I love wine, so it was kinda a tease but the cheese was phenomenal maybe next year we can go back and sample the wine!

We went to Ocean Point and walked on the rocks, and poked around.

Here is my first pregnant belly picture. I've been pretty self conscious about my belly but I figured at almost 5 months I should flaunt it.

The rocks were fun we even found a guy practicing his violin. I thought he was wonderful, he told us this was a much better place to practice then the garage. I couldn't tell if he was the owner of this huge house on the water he was sitting in front of or not. The views were wonderful.

Hubby and I even had some Calamari. How cute is he! To make this photo make more sense, hubby and I are not seafood lovers but I was craving some fried calamari and he tried some! This huge boat was docked out in front of our restaurant. This picture does not do it justice I think this Yacht was bigger than our house! We kept watching the staff get on and off the boat and they kept switching shoes. Must be a super clean place!

What a wonderful weekend! I highly recommend Boothbay Harbor as a vacation! Don't worry we even got in some thrifting!

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