Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thrifting While The Boys Work

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So I can't stand to be around the house while the boys are on the roof. Im either telling them to drink lots of water, put on sunscreen or be careful. I think I drive them all nuts! So I try to stay out of the house or in our nice cool basement as much as possible.

On Friday there were a few yardsales (I love Friday yardsales!) So I headed out to see what was out there. I didn't find too much.

  • A CD with old school hip hop music on it for $1.00 (great to download onto Ron's Ipod)

  • Word Puzzles for my kids at school $.25

  • The stuffed dog is actually the coolest find I found. (Aly if you're reading this please just act surprised when you see it at your babyshower). The woman at the yardsale was a teacher and was telling me her and her family donate to the humane society. I guess with one of their donations came back this cute stuffed dog. Well they never played with it it just sat on a shelf and then came to live at my house for $.25. My dear friend Aly is having a baby and we are throwing her a shower on the 31st. Her nursery theme is doggies and her and her husband are very involved in the humane society. I thought what a great addition to her shower gift.

I went to another tent sale (another tip from my dear friend Aly). It had some okay stuff. I mostly checked out the clothes. They were 3 items for a $1.00 but the guy working the sale told me that the clothes were his friends ex which he never liked so he tried to get me to steal them! I guess this guy was not such a good friend. I refused to steal them but he gave me a great deal. I got 7 clothing items for $2.00. I didn't take a picture of all of them. But they were all brand name items like Banana Republic, Gap, etc. I did take a picture of this great sweater from there though. I think im going to sell it on ebay for $2.00 to get my $$ back. Beautiful Ralph Lauren sweater, I think its barely been worn. Its not really me, but I think its beautiful. Be on the lookout on ebay if you're interested.

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  1. Glad you got out there & found a few things. Happy thrifty shopping, thanks for stopping by .