Friday, July 23, 2010

My, How Time Flies

I can' t believe it is almost August, summer has flown by. Sorry I haven't posted in a while, the roof is finally done and my job is to clean up the job site. How fun picking up pieces of shingles and using a magnet to pick up thousands and thousands of nails and staples.
This week I went to the dump on Tuesday and didn't find much, just some Taste of Home magazines for my mom. (Maybe I should be reading them, my cooking is not that great!) Sorry no pictures.

I went back to the dump yesterday for shits and giggles and found some great wooden coat hangers, and also a futon in FABULOUS condition. I didn't take the futon home but really really wanted to. I cursed for not having a truck, and promised myself if I found a little one that ran I would totally buy it this summer.

I went to the church thrift store and found some great clothes and a tin tray. The green sweater is banana republic, the white shirt is gap with the tags still on it. (29.99) the pink and white top is Rue 21. I thought this green short sleeve sweatshirt was adorable but hubby politely told me it was not flattering.

I was never huge into these little tin trays but this one was cute with the flowers on it. I started seeing them when I went Kalouping with my mom and her friends a few weeks ago.

Thrift Store Grand Total 3.50

There was only one today, so Bailey and I hit it up bright and early. The woman use to own a florist shop downtown and was cleaning out her old inventory. I think she still thought she could get top dollar for her stuff. It was cute but not that cute. Bailey spent most of the time barking, I think he was trying to tell me the prices were too high. But I did find this beauty for $2.00

Ron and I use a drying rack alot in the winter, and ours has seen better days. This one is in great shape for $2.00. Those are the wooden hangers from the dump. Please ignore the tornado in the background I call my husband's junk. Anyone else notice T.C.F.H in the lower lefthand corner of the picture??? This is right before he tried to swing acrobatics from the bars of my new drying rack.

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