Monday, July 26, 2010

Picking and Nesting

Hubby and I are nesting. He has spent all weekend working on the baby's room. It is a tropical blue with white beadboard and berber carpet. I'll have pictures up when its completed.

I borrowed my grandmother in laws carpet steam cleaner and cleaned the carpets in our house we were not replacing. It completely grossed me out what came out of our bedroom carpet, I dont know why we have black pets.

Hubby had to bring some stuff to the dump today, and I tagged along. I got a couple of cute things.

These red sox baby pants are soo cute, and had no stains on them so i took them home and washed them up. They're adorable, and I thought very gender neutral. My best find was this Radio Cart, it was just hanging out by the metal pile. I think it is made by the Radio Flyer company. It looks kinda old. Is in great shape, and both wheels work. Maybe i'll try to con my mom into selling it in her booth for me.

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