Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Finds

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As my mom says it has been "hotter than the hinges of hell" here on Fairview Ave. Bailey and I have been camped out in the basement playing with the new sewing machine. I made some curtains for the basement. I definitely cannot sew in a straight line put I was pretty impressed I could thread the needle and the bobbin. Not too bad for my first pair. Hubby thought it made the basement look homey. I agree. Better than looking out at the nasty ground.

So it finally rained today to make the hinges of hell not so hot. Hubby and I went to two yard sales this morning. Even though it was raining we found some good deals.

Yard Sale #1

  • Jumble book $1.00- I love doing the jumbles in the paper, so this book has over a 100 of them and it has never been used. Im also thinking of giving it to me dad when he goes in for his hernea surgery. He likes them too!
  • Brad Paisley 5th Gear CD $2.00. Hubby is now always on the look out for CDs at yard sales to down load onto his Ipod. I agree when Itunes songs are $1.29 a piece and you can buy a perfectly good CD for $2.00 and then resell it at our annual yard sale for $1.00

Yard Sale #2 (these people had their house pending a sale if it was not pending I would have put an offer on it right away, it was adorable and in a great location... It would not be unusual for my family to buy a house at a yard sale. About 20 yrs. ago (probably longer than that) my mom went to a yard sale and ended up buying the house. Scary how those genes carry over :) )

  • Two brand new light switches with dimmers for $1.00 a piece. That was all hubby he said they normally go for $20.00 a piece.
  • Vera Bradley runner $1.00
  • Brand new in packaging Christmas Elvis Presley CD .$50. I love christmas music and have a secret love for the king :)
  • Eucaliptis (I think) wreath $.50
  • Country Living Handmade Wreaths book $.25
  • and probably my favorite find a hand thrown and painted mug with a moose on it for $.25. Our local coffee shop carries them for $25.00 and I just love them but am too cheap to pay the price. I think this one may be from there. I adore it!

Grand Total $7.50 pretty good for a rainy Saturday :)

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