Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I've Found a Reason to Like Home Improvement Projects

So I now love home improvement projects because.... you have an excuse to go to the dump multiple times a day and not look like a psycho. I went to the dump this morning and brought the trash. I found these for The Cat From Hell (T.C.F.H)

They are scratching posts, and I dont think they've ever been used. We are lucky T.C.F.H doesn't scratch furniture, but he does scratch carpet so these will hopefully deter him. My second trip to the dump with the roofing men was a little more successful. I found a wooden frame without any glass im going to paint it black and put something in it who knows what yet. I also found these metal drink holders for when you're sitting on the beach. I love 'em I almost bought some at a yardsale last year. Glad I waited!

I also found a trashbag full of fake flowers. Perfect so i can't kill them. They actually look very realistic. I got sick of the dumpstore and the wood pile while I was waiting for the men. I found some pretty queen anne's lace and black eyed susans and picked a few. Dad and Hubby were a little embarrassed I was picking flowers at the dump, but oh well I put them in this milky white vase I got at the dump a few months ago. How cute!

1 comment:

  1. Be sure to clean the cat stuff. They might bring fleas into your home.
    Great finds!!