Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frugal Thoughts

So I've been reflecting alot on my frugalness. It took me a long time to come out of the closet about dump picking, yard saling, and thrift shopping. It wasn't that I was imbaressed about it, i've been doing it my whole life, I think i was more worried what others would say. I have to admit i'm extremely impressed my friends are yard salers (or slowly turning into them) and so is my mother in law. I'm still working on making them dump pickers. but it could be a while for that ;).

Anywho I was chatting with a friend the other night, she exclaimed you always find great stuff (which is really sweet and made my day). I went home and thought about it. I wade through alot of shit, I mean ALOT of shit to get the good stuff. If I sat down and counted how many yardsales I've gone to or how many thrift stores i've left empty handed it would be in the millions. I wish it was as easy as showing up at that one yardsale a weekend that has thousands of stuff you love for under $1.00. But in reality there are alot of people out there who consider their old disgusting shit "antique".

Many of my friends are like "why waste the time?" my best friend cannot understand how I put in so much time to thrifting. But its the hunt and the chase. I have a list of stuff im looking for, and when I find what im looking for for super super cheap im estatic! I get more excited then if I had won a $1,000 dollars. I then have to call my mother who appreciates the thrill of the hunt. Like the time I found Tiffany and Co. glasses at the dump. Ahhh that day will go down in dumpster diving history. Okay enough blabbing here are my recent finds at the thrift store.

  • Skirt is Ann Taylor $1.00 (currently being sold on Ebay)
  • Brand new dress from April Cornell with $80.00 tags on it $2.00 also being sold on Ebay.
  • Two items not pictured: white blouse (when i can fit my huge boobs into it again will be mine) and a denim skirt from Lands End.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. those were my glasses, I sat them down for a second and completely forgot them there!!! LMAO just kidding!
    I have slowly been letting people in on my thrifty-ness too. I remember ducking into second hand shops with my mom when I was younger- and wouldn't go in until I checked over my shoulders and waited for all of the traffic to resume at the stop light!
    I'd LOVE to do the whole eBay thing like you are doing! I just know there are some idiots out there that have to complain about the littlest thing- my boyfriend used to sell carparts on eBay- much like you do with clothes, and he posted the size of this lightbar that was for the back of a pick up truck with dimensions and everything, and the buyer thought it was going to be the size of a toothpick and gave him a negative! I have bought clothes off of eBay and never had issues.,
    Either way, I'm getting away from myself. This was a great post, thanks for taking the time to reflect!