Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's in My Mailbox Today

So usually my mail is very boring. Bills, junk mail, and more bills. I occasionally get the free magazine, but this week my mail was very exciting.

This is what my mail consisted of (not including the junk mail and the bills)

  • $200 gift card to Lowes. Remember all those shingles we bought well if you bought so many shingles you got a $200 gift card, and yes we qualified for the $200 gift card

  • $20 check for Chase Rewards. Hubby doesn't really use his Chase card but he is enrolled in the rewards program so every once in a while one of these babies shows up.

  • A $23.00 check from the consignment store in North Conway. I buy 99% of my clothes at second hand shops, and when im sick of them, or they dont fit due to pregnancy I sometimes (when I dont donate them) sell them to the consignment store in North Conway. The woman that runs the store is extremely sweet, and I usually get back 100% (sometimes more) for what I paid for the clothes.

It's a nice change to see all this money taking up space in my mailbox rather than bills :)


  1. Cool, that is exciting, it pays to spend a lot of money lol!!~

  2. Just saw that you joined my blog. Thanks.

    By the way I LOVE your blog header. Did you make that?

  3. Now that's my kind of mail! It's always nice to get paid for shopping. :-)


  4. Happy birthday! Awesome mail day for you!! Thanks for following my blog.