Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Craft Project From Hell

So I was reading my free Women's Day Magazine this weekend and saw some adorable halloween decorations to make. They were super cute so I ran out bought 2 styrafoam balls, and some candy corn. I thought this will be a breeze. WELLLL it was not a breeze, here is the finished project of ONE of them on my mantel. One ball took me an hour and a half.

After I had hot glued the candy corn on they started to randomly fall off. So after some crisis control I made it work. Now hubby and I are sitting in the living room and every few hours one will bounce off onto the rug. Bailey is sitting under it he thinks it's the greatest thing ever almost like it's raining candy corn. So when I find another hour and a half of my life to waste i'll make another one! I guess Martha Stewart will never have to worry about me taking her job! Sorry for the bad angle of my picture I was too lazy to get off the couch. A picture of my fallish theme mantel.

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