Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to Nature and Dump Finds

This was going to be a relaxing weekend for the hubby and I. We had no definite plans and we were excited to just spend time together. Our friends were out of town so we babysat their dog Abbey. We figured why not take the dogs around Pudding Pond. Pudding Pond is approx. a two mile nature walk around a pond, and is a great trail to let the dogs loose and enjoy the scenery.This is how the crew looked before our walk.
Our walk was going quite well, the dogs were running, and enjoying each other and hubby and I were chatting away... WELL.... the dogs found ran ahead of us and ran right through a ground nest of hornets, all of a sudden hundreds of hornets were swarming hubby and I. The dogs had at least 20-30 on them. We all started running, I was screaming for the dogs to go in the river, hubby was yelling at me to not exert myself and hurt the baby. WHAT A MESS. I've never been a nature girl and now I know why, I think hubby and I will stick to walking our poochies in the neighborhood from now on. I got stung once on the stomach and hubby a couple of times on the hand and neck.The poor dogs were covered. So being an emotional pregnant woman i started bawling about the dogs and hornets and hubby. I bawled the whole 1omin drive home from the trail.

Thankfully my Saturday started off with some great thrifty dump finds.
(Don't mind the messy house in the background)

Here is my loot:

Graco booster seat in great condition. Looks brand new and retails for $24.99 at Toys R. US


Black plastic cauldron-great for halloween decorating

2 glass snowmen with tea light holders. One of them is broken so it is
headed back to the dump.

Plastic green tub-great to put my drinks in for our summer bbqs.

Not pictured-new baby book never used.

This is my favorite piece and it deserves a picture of its own

Isn't it so cute?? It is a shutter with a metal star hanging on it. It's from foreside company store, which is a store out of Gorham, Maine. It still has its' $28.00 price tag on it.

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  1. Wow great finds! love the star. Glad your feeling better.