Monday, September 6, 2010

The Cat From Hell Finally Gets It

As you all know I am a step mom to The 15lb.Cat From Hell (T.C.F.H.), unfortunately this little beast came with my husband and I really liked him so the cat had to stay too. Well, Bailey and the cat have a decent relationship, they snuggle and are civil (I think Baily just puts up with him). Well the cat finally showed Bailey his true colors and Bailey showed him who was boss.

I had already left for work one morning and the hubby noticed the animals acting strange, he pulled out the video camera and got this on tape. (Don't worry nobody was hurt, you can even hear hubby yelling at them to stop in the background).

Well T.C.F.H. hid his fat behind under the bed all day. I think that taught him not to be a jerk, to the dog. (I love the look on the Cat's face before he jumps Bailey, and afterwards how Bailey just wags his tail and walks off.)

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