Monday, September 27, 2010

Oh the mall...

So I am definitely not a huge fan of the mall, but hubby and I had a few coupons to stores we dont have here, so we headed over to the portland mall on Sat. for an afternoon. We were trampled by droves of 16 year old girls, giggling and texting. I got a little overwhelmed with the prices of some of the clothing.

I had to laugh, my favorite parts of the day were:
  • Enjoying our free hamburger at Ruby Tuesday (a coupon sent to your email during the month of your birthday when you sign up on their website).
  • Spending my $10 gift certificate from Victoria Secret on their super soft t-shirts. When you have an angels credit card(which I never use!) they send you a $10 gift certificate on your birthay. I love that they wrap everything in ridiculous amounts of pink tissue paper. Immediately when I leave the store I take it out and fold all of it, and reuse it in gifts. I haven't bought tissue paper in a few years because I do that with every store that uses it.
  • AND... Purusing pottery barn for decorating ideas, and scooping up their free magazines to look through.

Sad when I can even make the mall look thrifty :)


  1. that's the way to do it! i do the same thing on my birthday, my friends laugh at me. i don't know why, if something is offered to me for free, i'm gonna go for it! can't wait for my free birthday burger at red robin.

  2. Sounds like a successful trip to me. I just went to the Mall yesterday with my teen son to Hollister and Abercombie...all I can say it I too hate the Mall, and girl I am getting old!