Monday, September 20, 2010

Dump Finds

Wahoo hubby and I made it to the dump today and let me tell you the dump store was packed with leftovers from the yardsale I had stopped at the day before. I was sorta excited, I haven't had some good dump finds in a while.

  • A basket which im going to spray paint white and put in my little girl's room
  • Children's Place purple sandals that look like they've never been worn
  • Christmas material (at least 2 yards of it)
  • Maroon sparkley beaded placemat for my table for the holidays
  • Brand new cloth Old Navy bag with tags still on it
  • Latern for candles
  • Aeropostale tank top
  • White metal candle holder which will be spray painted another color.

Oh the dump how i've missed you so!

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