Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is Here!

Sorry I haven't posted alot lately we've had alot of celebrating to do here on Fairview Ave. First to celebrate was a new baby in our circle of friends. Im so excited for the little guy to be here, he is absolutely adorable! Second to celebrate was hubby's 31st birthday this week, we enjoyed dinner, and spending time with families. And last but not least to celebrate is my parent's 35th wedding anniversary TODAY! Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

So i've been doing some Halloween decorating around here. All of my decorations were either given to me, found at the dump, or on extreme clearance

The wreath on the right hangs from our bathroom door and was $2.00 on clearance at Christmas Tree Shop last year. I found the metal web with the spider at the dump and decorated it with my free spider webbing. Last summer Shaw's had a free cart of Halloween decorations they couldn't sell. Most of it was just crap, but I did find 5 packages of free spider webbing. I may add it to my wreath.

My mom made the black cat hooked hanging on the left. It is absolutely adorable. I snagged it a few years ago as I was walking out her door. On the right is our front door and how it is decorated. Don't mind the cornstalks they've been hit by rain, but the cute little trick or treat sign was $1.00 at Christmas Tree Shop.
Im off to go digest my fair food from the Fryeburg Fair. I hate to admit it but I couldn't help but try the deep fried cheesecake... oh my god so good, but definitely heart attack material!

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