Monday, February 28, 2011

Useful Yard Sale Finds

My last few posts have been about how I overbuy good deals, I never use what I buy blah blah blah. I want to show you the items i've bought second hand or at yard sales or dragged home from the dump that I use EVERYDAY!

Here are my top ten finds

1.We got Bailey when we were living in our apartment in North Conway. Our sweet land lords said we could get a dog as long as he came from the humane society. They were kind enough to give us their old dog crate ( I think they did this in their best interest). Bailey uses it everyday and we crate him when we're at work so he stays out of the trash and it saved us from buying one for $100 +

2. This cat feeder is for the T.C.F.H. and it is a lifesaver. I paid $1.00 for it and it was brand new. Our 15lb. cat eats A TON and was always out of food and attacking me for more food constantly. This cat feeder has allowed my scratches on my ankles to heal and T.C.F.H is happier.

3. I paid $20.00 for this brand new in the box never opened digital picture frame. I love it because you dont need to keep your memory stick in it and can download pictures right off your computer. It came with a remote and is an HP that goes for over $120.00 on the internet. I was going to give it as a Christmas gift but kept it for myself. Sorry i was fighting with blogger so no photo.

4. This brand new queen size electric blanket in the packaging with dual controls was purchased for $5.00. Is it an ugly blue, yes but brand new for $5.00 and it has dual controls I couldn't pass it up. I love having an electric blanket on the bed to make it warm and toasty before I get in there. Sunbeam electric blankets can go for $50.00 + so this was a steal.

5. From the same yardsale I purchased a brand new scrabble game still in the wrapper for a quarter. Hubby refused to play for a while, but then realized that he was better at scrabble then I was so we play all the time. .25 for hours of entertainment not bad! Sorry no picture!

6. This diaper genie came from the dump. It was in the dump store and was in fabulous condition no smell no stains with the booklets attached. I dragged it home and bleached the hell out of it. It works fabulous and miss baby enjoys her room not smelling like poo.

7. The Keurig machine I got for $3.00 at a thrift store in Maine. I'm still becoming accustom to the coffee, but I use it a few times a week. So for a machine that costs over $100 for $3.00 also a good deal and I do use it with my Green Mountain Coffee Cups.

8. Sorry this picture is not that great this is a 2 for 1 picture. I got the lamp at the dump with a working light bulb last summer. (I haven't had to replace the bulb yet!). I got the bear table at a yard sale for $10.00 I thought it was adorable and goes perfect in our basement! The woman was also selling a hearse, I couldn't convince hubby that I needed a hearse to go yard saleing in (imagine the furniture you could get in that baby!)

9. This bowl sits on my coffee table. The bowl is hand carved and I got it for $5.00. The candle is a three wick candle and I got it for $1.00. The wicker balls came from xmas tree shop for .10. They were originally on a broken string of lights but I took them off and filled the bowl with them.

10. This is my favorite find and we use it at least 5 times a day. Miss Baby's rocker. We found this at a yard sale for $35.00. It still had cheerios and stains on it but I took off all the covers washed it down, and it came out fabulous. I didn't know we were pregant at the time we bought this we were going to clean it up and give it to our friends as a baby shower gift. But we found out we were having Miss Baby before we gave it up. By far my favorite deal! These can be close to $200.00 at Babies R Us with the footstool. Of course T.C.F.H had to get in the picture. The basket with the stuffed animals was also a dump find that I spray painted white.

What is your favorite yard sale find?


  1. Oh wow! Love your list of great finds. And seriously, a $3 Keurig?? I am very jealous right now! We have one in my office and I don't love the coffee but I'd scoop one up for a bargain. And I have been wanting an electric blanket, too. Great finds!

    Thanks for visiting me, I love making toys for babies. :)

  2. Wow!! I agree with Rebecca, $3 for a Keurig!?!?! Amazing! And I have that exact same rocker, paid full price for it, needless to say I'm kicking myself after seeing what you paid for it! lol

    Great go girl!

  3. Well a girl after my own heart, we, my family have been shopping at Thrift Shops for years since I was a child with our Mom and now my daughter a young mom sure knows all the ins and outs. You should be proud of your smart way of shopping! Hugs, from Diane in California

  4. Well you have added followers and as always good find. I love the rocker as it fits my butt just right to rock that sweet baby.
    Great post but has the florida crew laughing.