Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How I'm Being Frugal Right Now

It is the time of year that I hate. Right after the holidays, and it is cold and snowy. My bank account this time of year is always low, due to holiday overspending and retail therapy for the winter blues. My new year's resolution is to be more frugal and simplify my life. Here are the ten things I am doing right now to live frugally.

1. Shopping at thrift stores. For $7.00 I got a banana republic button down blouse (looks brand new), brown ann taylor work pants, a black sweater, and two books. This was from the doggie thrift store so all my money went towards my favorite animals. I couldn't have even bought the books for $7.00 at borders. After retail shopping the other day I had to get back to my roots.
2. I'm not buying magazines full price anymore. I can get them "used" at the thrift store for .50 or even better for free at the library. Our library has great subscriptions you can take out for 3 weeks at a time. Example: Glamour, Oprah, Consumer Reports, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, In Style.
3. Im using coupons for things we use. I got these dryer sheets for .52 with a coupon. Did we need dryer sheets no, but we will soon, i only bought one box so it wasnt a waste of $$ we'll use 'em.

4. I'm wearing slippers. This is from my mom telling me my whole childhood to wear slippers, it keeps the wear and tear on my socks down and my floors in better condition from winter shoes.

5. Im learning how to make a good cup of coffee. Don't laugh I make the worst cup of coffee ever! Too strong, too weak I can't get it right. Then I end up buying a D&D coffee for $2.09 so im attempting to save that $2.09 every day .

6. Miss Baby is wearing second hand clothes and playing with second hand toys.

7. I'm making our dog food. Our dog has a gluten allergy and needs specific food that is very expensive. Every week I make his food for a fraction of the cost. When Miss Baby is on solids I also will be making her food too!

8. Hubby and I are not eating out as much. If we do eat out we go for lunch which is cheaper, and a happier time of the day for Miss Baby.

9. We are only buying what we need for the week from the grocery store. I'm famous for letting vegetables, meat, and cheese go bad, which in turn is a waste of money.

10. Im not buying things I don't need because it is a "good deal". Im slowly getting better at this!

What are you doing to live frugally?


  1. Great hints! you are a great saver anyway but these are good starters

  2. I have recently decided to give up my mocha ice coffee, twenty one dollars a week. I have tried using coupons but you usually have to buy two of the products and that is not something I am willing to do. I admire anyone who can live more simply. I think whenever I make any kind of frugal decision I have a great sense of satisfaction. The only problem is I do it sporadically. Thanks for the advice.

  3. whoa-making dogfood. how neat! and clearly something i thought was impossible. how am i being frugal-honestly i don't know. i always use coupons, i used a free rental code for the dvd i rented tonight. yes, that makes me feel frugal. whew!

  4. Great list!!

    I wish I were more frugal, I have alot of room for improvement there, that's for sure!

    But one of the things that I'm trying to get back into that helps me tremendously is only using cash! I have a coupon organizer that is labeled according to my budget (i.e., Groceries, Hygeine, Eating Out, Entertainment, etc) and each category gets its set amount of cash alloted to it. When I'm out of cash, I'm done until next payday!!

    Other than that, I shop Craigslist for furniture (I never, ever, buy new! I let someone else pay the ridiculous markup and then let them change their mind while it's still in almost new condiditon.) :)

    I drive a paid off, seven year old, Nissan Sentra. As much as I would love a new car, it just doesn't make sense when this car still looks nice (I bought it new and took care of it) and runs great.

    I grocery shop at Aldi's as much as possible (that's a generic grocery chain, where you bag it yourself, 'rent' the cart for a quarter but you get it back if you put your cart back, and very few name brand items are carried). It's cheaper than using coupons at the regular grocery on most stuff!

    We use Redbox or rent from the $1 section at Family Video most of the time.

    If I would cut down our eating out, that would save me a TON! I'm just so tired at the end of most days, I don't feel like cooking.

    And I shop the mega discounts at Pottery Barn. ;)