Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Retail Shopping

As you know I do not retail shop alot. But for Christmas I got gift cards to the retail outlets in our town. So hubby was gracious enough to go with me and take care of Miss Baby while I tried on clothes. I forget how much I hate brand new clothes shopping, it is not as rewarding as finding that perfect shirt for $1.00 that fits you perfectly! This is what I got for $38.00. Which is a ton of money to spend on clothes for me, but I didn't spend a cent :)
Everything I got was from Banana Republic

Grey Dress Pants $12.00

Sunglasses $6.00

Cardigan $20.00

It has been chilly here on Fairview Ave. Here is Miss Baby in her cheetah fleece vest and her Uggs. Yes real Uggs, They were hand me downs :)
Stay Warm!!


  1. Great finds!
    But that face surrounded by the cheetah vest... is the real treasure!!!

  2. Oh my baby is so cute and she looks toasty.
    I love the colors in your new clothes and I broke my sunglasses this morning.
    see you Wed!