Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Brain

So yesterday was gramie Wednesday. Miss Baby and I had so much fun with gramie, we went to two different thrift stores, and out to lunch at our favorite cafe. On the thrifting scene we didn't get too many items. I got a how to live frugally book, a magazine, and a Ralph Lauren wool sweater dress. Well I had a wool sweater dress.... having the baby brain that I do I threw it in the washer... on high. Now the dress fits Miss Baby, oh well at least I donated $2.00 to the church thrift store.

Speaking of baby brain. I've been home on maternity leave and have been obsessed with food network. I especially love the Barefoot Contessa. Unfortunately I cannot cook for beans. Well I attempted to make one of her steak dishes that looked so easy to do on TV, needless to say I didn't do so well. The steak was soso but i dropped one my aunt's homemade potholders in the oven and didn't realize it.... well the whole house filled with smoke, and I had no idea why the oven was smoking until I opened it up.

So I guess I will never have a cooking show of my own. I guess i'll have to stick to blogging!


  1. OMG you had dad and I laughing so hard! Its ok honey we know what kind of brain you do have mrs masters degree! Love you so
    MOM and DAD

  2. At first glance of your photo I thought maybe you were holding your shrunken wool dress I was thinking wow that really did shrink! :D That's too bad you umm baked the potholder ;) It does sound like you, baby and gramie had a wonderful day. :)

  3. Do I have a story for you. A girl I use to work with many years ago had just had her baby. Well, she had to go back to work and on the first day she put her little lovely bundle in the car seat but forgot to shut the door. As she was backing out of the garage the door was snapped off by the cement pole in between the two bays of the garage. She got her door fix and did the exact same thing within 24 hrs. of getting her car back. How is that for a baby brain.

  4. OMG, too funny! I think you should start with Ina's roasted chicken! Get the one with the little pop-up to let you know when it's done! Don't give up! You can do it!