Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday on Fairview Ave.

Im sitting here in my cozy living room reading blogs. All of a sudden I stop because I can hear this noise.... I think to myself what the hell is that noise, and it hits me the whole house is snoring. I can hear Miss Baby snoring peacefully over the baby monitor. Hubby and the T.C.F.H are snoring on the couch, T.C.F.H gets up and makes his way to the dog's bed and continues to snore there with the dog. There is not a more peaceful time on Fairview Ave.

It has been a busy day. Miss baby and I went to visit Gramie and Pepe today. They head to Florida next week for vacation so we wont see them for a while. I am so jealous I wish I were flying somewhere warm next week! It is so cute how much they both love her, and how content she is at their house.

Hopefully I'll get some thrifting in this week. I've been trying to clean out my house and live more simply. I am the type of person if the item is a "good deal" or free I take it, even if I will never use it. Then I let it sit in my house, and hubby complains how it is collecting dust. So my goal this year is to only buy or take from the dump things I will absolutely use. Wish me luck with my new year's resolution, I think it is obtainable, just might take some self control :)

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  1. If you are anything like your mother, I am sure you will find some amazing things.