Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thrifty Finds

Yesterday, Miss Baby and I decided to take advantage of our sunny day and went out thrifting. We went all the way to our favorite thrift store to remember it is closed on Thursdays!! Oh what a mommy brain I have! We went to two other thrift stores and walmart. Miss baby loved the two thrift stores and screamed her head off in walmart. She takes after her mother, I hate walmart and always want to scream my head off in there too! I hate going in there with her, whenever we are in their weird people touch her without asking and are always mauling her. We try to stay away from there as much as possible!

Anyways here are my two finds for the day a total of $5.00
A pretty spring skirt from the limited for $2.00

A nice wool heavy pair of mittens for $3.00, perfect for walking the dog!

We were going to head out to our favorite thrift store today, but I have a flu ridden husband and a cranky baby. Maybe next week!


  1. What a cute skirt!! I definitely need to check out our local thrift stores!

  2. That is a cute skirt! I hope everyone stays healthy and hubby is better real soon
    love ya

  3. Really cute! I am so tired of this flu bug. You'd think with all the cold that it would of been killed off by now.


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