Sunday, February 7, 2010

TJ Maxx

So I convinced hubby that I Needed (it was an emergency :) )to go to TJ Maxx and check out their boot selection. Im in huge need of new high heeled knee high boots.

Unfortuneately there were no high heeled boots to be found but... I found some other great deals on the clearence rack!

  • Seven Jeans (not to get confused with the brand Seven for Mankind.) I love love love these jeans they always fit me soo well and they're usually $29.99 but today I found them for $10.00!
  • Wicked cute Bandolino sling backs with a pointy toe and cute bow on the front. The 6 1/2 was $10.00 but the 7 1/2 was $15.00 (bizzarre to me) so of course I needed the 7 1/2 so i dragged both sets of shoes up to the register. The sales girl didn't seem impressed but told me this once she would give me the 7 1/2 size for $10.00
  • Last but not least a chocolate brown sleeveless shirt with a scoop neck. Super cute $7.00

I have always had a love for TJ Maxx. Before my thrifting days I spent alot of time (and money) there. I dont visit there as much as I like to find cheaper deals, but still have to stop in every once in a while.

So for $27.00 I had a great trip. Pictures to follow!

Happy Super Bowl

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  1. I too went to tjmaxx today I found the body lotion I love, bought a blouse and a long sleeve t-shirt. I have not been to tj's in a long time. Still no new luggage so I guess I go with what I have.
    love ya