Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Harvest Hills Thrift Shop

Bailey is my black lab and also my thrifting partner in crime when my mom is not around!

He loves to ride in the car and especially visit Harvest Hills Animal Shelter/Thrift Shop.

Harvest Hill is out of the way so we dont get there too too often but we did find some great stuff there this week:

Chalkboard/cord board (before and afters to come shortly)

Great homemade soaps

Decorating Books

Prizes for my kiddos at school

and we ALMOST came home with this guy:

I torture myself everytime I go and go visit the doggies. This guy was super cute his name was Lurch and man was he huge! The woman told me he was close to 200lb. Bailey and I thought he would be a wonderful addition to our family, until the volunteer at Harvest Hills told me he didn't like male dogs. Well that was the end of that. Isnt he cute though!

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