Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day

So I know all you in the south have been getting hit with snow but us in NH have been bone dry. Im not really complaining. I use to loovee snowdays I mean really love them. Im a teacher and I just loved when everyone at school would start the humm... "are we going to have a snow day tomorrow?" This year I do NOT love them. My school district decided to redo our high school (yahoo!) but in order to maximize the summer work period we are getting out June 4th (another yahoo!) but all of the snow days we have will be made up on Saturdays (YUCK!). Let me tell you a 6 day school week makes me ill and grouchy. So in NH we are suppose to get snow tomorrow. Maybe i'll make the trek out to some of my favorite thrift shops, we'll see or just lunch with one of my favorite gals (who is also a teacher).

1 comment:

  1. We get fog days here. Actually, not the whole day, just a two hour delay in the morning to try and let some of the fog burn off. I hope you did get to go thrifting and you found some cool stuff.