Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our House Is A Very Very Very Fine House

So hubby and I were talking about our house today. We have done alot of work to our house since we bought it in Dec. 2007. Some of this work was not schedule (our flooding basement which is now a beautiful family room), and some was: installed a pellet stove, painted our cabinets in the kitchen, laid down laminate flooring in the kitchen, installed granite countertop, added new washer and dryer and added new lighting in the kitchen.

Sometimes I get angry at our house (when the water heater blows up after a year of use) or when our roof starts leaking.
But overall I have to say I love it. Here are a few pictures of my favorite spots.

My Kitchen... The before and afters. Sorry I dont have better befores where you can really see the nasty lanoliem and ugly carpet in the dining. room.
Our living room.. I think one of the reasons I bought this house was for the built in bookcases.

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  1. looks good! love the white cabinets!! It makes everything look cleaner! :)