Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Does Everyone Hate The Dump?

I've always wondered why all my friends hate the dump! I myself have found some great things there. Our dump has a little dump store that people drop off items to that may be of good use to others. I usually pop in to see whats going on in there. Some people sit outside of it for hours waiting for great finds. That is a bit extreme to me.

So this blog is dedicated to why you should shop at the dump.

1. It is always free

2. People throw away great stuff
3. Contrary to popular belief it is not Dirty and Diseased nothing a little soap, bleach, and cleaning products cannot cure. (I've never caught any diseases from the dump store or wood pile, i am not suggesting however that if you do choose to jump in with the trash you may come out smelly, dirty, and maybe full of some germs.

My favorite day to visit the dump in the summer is Tuesdays (our dump is closed Mondays)
  • People drop off unsold yard sale items after the weekend

  • It is not crowded

Reason # 1 You Should Shop At The Dump (Please see picture)

  • The white shirt is eyelet and in great shape I bleached it and fits me great!

  • Multiple yards of brand new material (with tags on it from Jo-Ann Fabrics)

  • Brand new tubes of playdogh (The dough was still in tube shape when I opened it)

  • Road Atlas (Maybe we'll never get lost again)

  • Brand New Stuff T-Rex from Barnes and Noble

  • Flip Flops - my size that looked like they had never been worn

  • Yellow metal tray im going to spray paint white

  • Cute felt container for xmas

  • Cute little coffee mug from pfaltzgraff

Total Price $0

Reason # 2

Found these at the dump store a week later

Yep that's right, glasses that had never been used with Tiffany & Co. stickers on each of them. Im not sure if they're really Tiffany & Co. But the stickers looked authentic and they were super cute glasses. I sold them on ebay for $35.00

Reason # 3

If you aren't convinced by now the dump is a wonderful place to go. Here is the third one. I found this bamboo chair in wonderful condition. (Yes I did climb half way up the wood pile to retrieve it but it was in great condition.) If I had had a truck I would have taken the beautiful vanity I found too but it wouldn't fit in my car. I spray painted the chair and found these cushions at a thrift store. Total price for chair $8.00. It looks so great in my spare bedroom

Before After

So are you convienced that the dump is really not that bad of a place??


  1. WOW!! i never would of thought to shop the dump...i wish we had a 'dump store' but we just take our stuff to the recycling center. i love that chair, and those glasses! can't beat that...great money maker.

  2. Welcome to blogging & thanks for joining my party! Now, you sound like a girl like me who loves a bargain. If we had a dump that recycled, I'd probably hang out there too. I'm not sure how ours is set up, cause I've never been, but I find SO many great deals at yardsales, so I'm with you on the thrill of the hunt. Have fun & come back to see me again.

  3. I haven't been to our city dump...but I'm sure there are a lot of things that could be found there. We have a store that is only opened on the weekends called The Dump. It sells mainly furniture...

  4. I wish we had a dump 'store' but I don't think we are even allowed to check it out...but we have a chemical recycling there, so I've gotten all the paint for the inside of our house for free, I clean out the white and black spray paint weekly for my projects around here, the chemicals for lawncare, etc. Cleaning goods, silver polish, wax, LOVE the dump :D

  5. I wish we had a dump here!

    However, I do go to church bazars and thrifts, as well as curbside shopping, which is mostly how I find my stuff! (see blog)

    You've found some NEAT stff- can I come visit? LOL!

  6. Just found your blog when looking for ideas about recycling and free stores and remembered as a kid in Vermont that we often found fun stuff at our rural community dump. Love your site. Sounds like you are absolutely an environmental mitzvah girl. Thanks for the great and convincing post!