Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thrifty Filled Saturday

What a beautiful Day In New Hampshire

A fun morning of thrifting I had!

First Stop:

The little White Church in Eaton was having a huge yard sale here are my finds:

  • Sex and The City DVDs Season #1.50
  • The Big Ticket DVD .50
  • 2 wooden candlestick holders .25
  • 2 mini urns .50
  • 2 xmas CDs 1.00
  • Candle 1.00
  • Decorating book 1.00
  • 2 plastic Tubs 2.00
  • Winnie The Pooh DVD .50
  • Wire basket .50
    Total: $7.75

Im going to paint the candlesticks black and put them on my table for halloween (i'll show you the pics later!)

The tubs will hold all of our catfood and kitty litter

The wire basket im going to put in my pantry on the shelf

The Winnie The Pooh DVD we'll keep for when our nieces come over

The urns will hold some mini topiaries (i'll show you the pics later!)

Second Stop:
Thrift Store at the white church in conway. It was dollar a bag sale day and boy was I excited. I didn't get too much because it is super hard to fill a bag when hubby is calling you from the car to hurry up!

  • I got two pairs of super cute sandals (one Steve Madden!)
    A Pair of Shorts
  • Purple Shirt
  • Embroidered Pants
  • Green Capri Pants
  • Brand New White Sweater From JC Penny
  • Not shown a cute grey skirt that I gave to Aly
  • And the sweet church lady threw in a dip they were selling apple caramel yummm

Total $1.00 (that's around .11 per item!)

Third Stop

(and my favorite!) THE DUMP

  • Basketball hoop with ball still in the packaging (Im going to bring it to school for my kids)
  • People Best of 2008 (I have an obsession with gossip magazines)
  • 25 Years of People Magazine (Again an obession)
  • Portraits of Presidents (Great book for kids at school)
  • 2 Magazines from Hannafords (Hubby and I are strictly Shaws shoppers so these magazines were good to look through for dinner ideas)
  • My favorite a hook still in the packaging that im going to attach to the back of our bedroom door for my bathrobe.

Total: FREE

Grand Total For The Day $8.75


  1. Got some steal of deals !

  2. What a fantastic FRUGAL Score! Wow, I can't believe your haul for under ten dollars! Love the Sex and the City dvd for only $1.50, what a find.

  3. Wow, you did really great. Can't wait to see pics of your makeovers! Please stop by and say hello.

    And I'm your first follower! Yippee! I'm very seldom first at