Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Local Papers Have Hidden Thrifty Finds

So sorry I haven't posted in a while, my masters courses and beginning of the year school stuff is overwhelming! Thanks for being patient.

I am a huge fan of reading our free local paper. It comes out daily and always has good deals in it. I have found many deals over the years in this paper, it may not have the best quality news but it has wonderful local bargains!

Our most recent deal for example: Hubby and I both have birthdays in the month of September, this is very fun except for the fact we have to register and inspect two vehicles!

Macdonald Motors Inc. had a coupon that ran only two days last week that advertised inspections for $10.00 during the month of Sept. I am usually against getting any car maintenance done at a car dealership due to the fact they sometimes can jack up the prices, but I thought what the heck if my car has something seriously wrong and doesn't pass im only out $10 bucks.

The people at Macdonald Motors were wonderful, I asked them to call if anything was wrong at all with the car. My car passed with flying colors (the car only needed windshield wipers and the service guy called for approval before putting them on!)

Total for the inspection AND windshield wipers.......... $20.86

And that my friends is why I suggest you read your local paper daily, weekly, whenever it comes out. Deals are anywhere!

Side note: Ron and I have a free weekend coming up so I'll be out thrifting this weekend, stay posted for new finds and potentially even some transformations!

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