Thursday, September 17, 2009

What do you get a little girl that could open her own Toys R Us?

Ron and I are blessed to have two beautiful nieces who are (1 1/2 and 3). As you all know im starting my Christmas shopping SUPER early, but seriously what do you get two girls that have everything????
Ron and I love them to pieces but are sick of buying them toys and clothes they already have. So I came up with a fabulous idea! Our 3 year old niece started preschool this fall, so im putting together for her a preschool survival kit! Everytime im out thrifting I find her inexpensive pieces to fill her basket. Here is what I have so far:

Cute brand new hat and mitten set for those chilly recesses .50

Princess DVD to unwind after a busy day free

Two princess crowns to wear and share when she feels like a princess .25

Hair elastics to tame the crazy hair .75

Foam Letters to learn her alphabet .50

Magnetic Letters .50

Tights (hopefully to accompany a cute outfit) 1.00

Brand New Scooby Doo Mouth Wash Free

Scriptograph .50

Not pictured: a wooden puzzle hand made 1.00, baske to put it all in free

Total: $5.00

I definitely know she wont have most of this stuff, and alot of this stuff is useful. I know My sister in law will love it (and never know it came from thrifting :) )

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