Monday, September 7, 2009

Clothes Clothes Clothes

This is my first post ever so hang in there with me as I learn!

So I went to alot of yardsales this weekend. My mom showed up at 8am on Saturday and we hit the town. There were some goodies too!

One yard sale we went to a lady was selling wonderful clothes that were just my size! All of these items were 1.00 each! The black and white dress was a little too big but great for a coverup or the summer time, the brown and white polka dot dress was brand new with tags on it and the pink floral skirt is from dressbarn!

These brooms were brand new and in a Free Box ( I love free boxes!) Im going to decorate them and hang them for Halloween!

This wire rack was also brand new for .50 I couldn't pass it up. Hubby screwed it into the door under the sink.
I had alot more purchases but didn't have enough time to take pictures of them:
.50 an automatic cat food feeder (We have a 15lb cat who insists on eating all the time!)
1.00 for brand new Oscar De LaRenta Pants
.50 for a prevention magazine
.50 for brand new white fuzzy slippers
Free Rug (Thanks mom, she bought the full sized rug and the seller threw in the throw rug for free, I dont think its ever been used it is like a straw material, with cloth edges.
Overall we did great!
Thanks for reading!

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