Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love free (or super cheap) dining!

So is one of my favorite places to go for gift certificates to restuarants in our area. Hubby and I love to go out to eat, but on a teacher's and juvenile probation officer's budget we can't afford to go out as much as we'd like. Right now if you go to type in your zip code you can find $25.00 gift certificates for $10.00. BUT WAIT another great deal! type in the code: NINETY and pay $1.00 yep that's right $1.00 for a $25.00 gift certificate! Just make sure you read the fine print You may have a minimum food purchase (We usually have to pay $35.00 so you really only paid the $10.00 extra and the $1.00 fee you bought it for sooo in the end it cost you $11.00 for $36.00 in food. Still a great deal in my book
Yum Yum

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