Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Sales

So Here are my two fabulous finds today at the grocery store. I have to laugh because they are both not food related.

For a whopping $1.75 this is what I got

Glade Apple and Cinnamon Candle 3.99 50% off 2.00 and then I had a .75 coupon that Shaws doubles to $1.50 candle was $.25

Cover Girl mascara $9.99 was 75% off. That brought it down to $2.49 and I had a $1.00 coupon off which brought it to 1.49.

So for less than a dunkin donuts coffee I can have a nice smelling house and beautiful eye lashes.

Miss Baby is up from her nap. (isn't her little purple track suit cute?? Second hand of course and perfect because i have to pry her away from crawling on the treadmill) We are off to get our free fribble at Friendlys.Happy Saturday!


  1. Miss Baby is just the cutest little darling. Purple is her color. Awesome bargains at the store today.

  2. You are an awesome shopper! I sometimes have those things happen to me, but not regularly. Miss Baby is a dolly!