Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hardcore Thrifter...Thrifts in Below Freezing Temperatures

Today was cold... really cold. But I was having withdrawals from doggie thrift store which i hadn't been to in forever! So while Miss Baby got her beauty sleep, hubby let me sneak out. I was bundled up like an Eskimo off to thrift.

The thrift store was packed! I guess everyone else decided to brave the elements too! The thrift store was picked clean but I managed to spend a whooping $7.25.

Brand New Neutralizer Mary Janes $2.00

Hubby and I love board games to play in front of the fire in the winter.Battleship was $1.00

Picture Frame. I love that it looks like bead board im going to paint it a crisp white $2.00Red

Turtle Neck I think the brand is Dry Goods it is so soft and i love that it is stretchy $2.00

A book for Miss Baby $.25

As I was checking out I had a great conversation with the woman volunteering about how frugality is in right now. I explained to her that I was thrifting before it was cool.

I hope everyone is staying warm im sitting in front of my pellet stove with the hubby Im blogging while he watches The Patriots. I've perfected ducking from his impromptu arm flails and jumping around. Good thing Miss Baby is a heavy sleeper :)

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