Monday, February 13, 2012

Getting Old...

I can tell we're getting older. Hubby and I were offered a night out tonight without miss baby, we hemmed and hawed and finally both agreed we would rather stay home with our favorite girl and have chicken pot pie and a glass of wine. Wow back in the day we would have been out whooping it up any chance we got!

This weekend my parent came up, we celebrated my dad's 100 days from his bone marrow transplant! I also got to do some couponing and thrifting!

I found some thrifty clothes for Miss Baby at a $1.00 a piece

My mom came up and gave Miss Baby this little people Ark she found at the dump after a hot soak in some water and bleach I thought this was quite a deal since they retail around $30.00

Mom also came up with some left over valentines and a learn to read kit for my kiddos at school.

I got all this ( and another bag of pb M&Ms that never made it to this picture) for $9.00. Pretty good considering the diapers alone retail for $9.00. And that is 216 wipes behind the diapers. We will have a clean baby butt for a while!

Miss Baby is keeping us on our toes, she is walking now ( more like running) and nothing is safe in our house. Peek a boo behind our bar in the basement is her new favorite game.

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  1. peek a boo sweet baby! good stuff I will see you on Friday!