Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woah Where Has The Time Gone??

My last post was March 22nd WOAH! Right before I went back to work. Well Miss Baby and I promise that we are going to try really really hard to post at least once a week. Now that yard saleing season is upon us I will have some great finds to share. Miss Baby promised that she would go to bed every night at 7pm so I would have some time to blog.

We hit up four yardsales today and all but one of them was a bust! We even got to see Auntie Donna and Uncle Joe.

Here is our load for $8.00

A little step stool for miss baby $7.00 (the top opens on the top step for storage soo cute)

Picture frame .50

two crate and barrel bowls for .50

nothing too exciting but all that yard saleing wore miss baby out!

We're off to the grandparents house tonight im sure you'll see tons of pictures over at my mom's blog after this weekend. Http://


  1. the stool is a great find!!! Your little girl is so precious, congratulations! I think the last time we spoke on here, you were still pregnant. LOL Shows how much I've been on!

  2. oh my little yardsaler is taking a nap. Sleep away cause pepe and gramie are going want to play with you!
    great finds glad to see you back

  3. I love the stool. Miss Baby is adorable and what a good girl to go to all the yard sales with Mommy!